AA Accounting and Business Solutions Associates is an Accounting and Management Consulting Firm.

Our services are targeted to help clients improve business performance, minimise taxes and plan for future. By bringing our exceptional individual talents and perspectives to bear on the challenges business face in the form of dealing with accounting, payroll, tax, compliances, etc. we offer clients absolute peace of mind and the freedom to concentrate on their core business functions.

Our firm’s expertise and experience in accounting, corporate laws and regulatory requirements helps our clients; sole traders to multinationals, to maximise their earnings and generate profits. Over the years, we have gained in-depth experience in providing multitude of services, ranging from tax planning to corporate finance to advanced wealth management.

We have a large portfolio of private clients all of whom benefit from the high quality of personal service and professional advice. Our professional approach blended with personal touch has earned us enormous confidence of all our clients, which is reflected in an enduring business relationship that we enjoy with them as also in the consistent growth in portfolio of our services


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