Abbey Claims has been established and regulated under MOJ (Mistry of Justice) since 22nd October 2018 and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) from 17th July 2020 as a claim management service provider. Our main aim to provide quality, reliable claim management service.  We work with UK’s most leading Solicitors, our aim to improve and deliver a quality service to  innocent, helpless victims from an accident and aim to be the best among the best in the industry.  Building a great wall begins with laying a very first brick, to emphasis this please visit our offices or call us to see if we can help you and provide the service you requires and help us build that great wall of friendship.


A Personal Injury can be sustained as a result of an accident then subdued into a psychological injury and various internal injuries. Injuries can be varied, from disease & illness caused by an accident from work  or can be an industrial related accident. Furthermore a motor accident (Two wheel and four wheel vehicles), bicycle accident, pedestrian accident and slips and trips while shopping, walking on a pavement, and other public places. To classify an injury and it’s depth we need an expert to assist our client’s with profound accuracy and sincerity.

We work with UK’s leading solicitors to provide a quality, reliable service to recover compensation for your Pains Suffering and Losses of Amenity (PSLA) for physical, psychological injuries. That includes special damages, schedule of losses (Losses of earnings, travel expenses, medical expenses, care and assistant, repairs and replacement of damaged properties including vehicle damage claim, recovery, storage and hire).

” How does a Personal Injury Claim works for you?  Were you injured directly or indirectly from an accident? Neglected from medical authorities? “

Please visit our offices or call us to discuss your claim, once we gather enough information we can then assist our solicitors to submit your claim to relavent defendant (Defendant insurer).

The first stage will be sending a Claim Notification to the defendant, and wait for their liability stance for all heads of claims. An admission of liability can take up to 21 working days, some cases after 90 days investigational period to receive a full response. Once liability admitted by the defendant (Defendant insurer or defendant solicitor), an instruction for medical examination with an expert can be then organised. According to the experts opinion further  referrals are arranged. (Due to COVID 19 protocol remote assessments can be arranged with experts with consent) Some of the referrals are; Physiotherapy, Psychiatric, Psychologist, Orthopaedic, Neurologist, ENT, Ophthalmologist and many other.

The next stage will be reviewing, disclosing medical evidences, all heads of claims to the defendant (Defendant insurer or defendant solicitor) to review and settle your claim. Some cases we may issue proceedings to settle your claim in an event whereby a defendant (Defendant insurer or defendant solicitor) fail to meet all heads of claims or perhaps fail to put forward an offer on time.

In addition we can provide you with credit hire or PCO hire vehicle for a vehicle damage claim with an unroadworthy or total loss vehicle. Credit Hire can be utilised through our Hire service provider ABBEY TRADING.  An approved vehicle repairs, purchasing and exchanging vehicles, recovery and storage can be utilised through CORBY MOTORS. Both are our partnering service providers, vehicle repairs can be commenced as soon as we recover your Vehicle Damage (VD) payment. There are no obligations what so ever, our duty is to satisfy our mutual clients and invite them for a life long relationship with ABBEY CLAIMS.

Areas of Injury Claims

  • Slips & Trips
  • Serious  Injury
  • Criminal Injury
  • Personal Injury
  • Pedestrian Accident
  • Road Traffic Accident
  • Bicycle, Motor Bike Accident
  • Work-Related Accidents & Illness
  • Industrial Accidents & Illness  or Disease

Client Care

  • Quality, sufficiently and delicately service.
  • Immediate e-mail, social media, mobile SMS, What’s Up and Viber application to manurer and deliver claim updates, medical appointments, payment updates, court hearings, and many other prospect of services.
  • Our solicitors are always in touch with you via emails, SMS and phone calls to get your claim on going from day one and keep you on loop until the settlement reached.


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