Linguistically, a large part of
Europe is at home in Switzerland

AlphaBeta Übersetzungen GmbH, Our service center is located in Bern – the political capital and the heart of Switzerland, and therefore also in the heart of Europe.

Owner and Managing Director Anna Annor-Urech has been working as a translator and interpreter since 1985.

AlphaBeta Translations is an experienced and also global network of native translators and interpreters. So, We deliver high quality translations in all languages ​​and disciplines.

We take care of certifications of documents and official documents. Swiss authorities recognize our signature for official documents.

We are always there for you, even if it burns!

AlphaBeta Übersetzungen GmbH Services

AlphaBeta Übersetzungen GmbH competences in short:


 Execution by native-speaking experts  Translation of texts and also interpreting service
 On request official certification of the translation
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 Regional and cultural language differences
 Cultural characteristics
 Documents in civil status matters

Writing and secretarial work

 Personal service

Contacts with authorities and organizations

 Municipal, cantonal and federal authorities
 International organizations in Switzerland and abroad

So, We work confidentially, competently and inexpensively with many years of experience. Compliance with promised dates and delivery of top quality are our basic principles. The coordination and also maintenance of our translation network is done by the managing director of AlphaBeta Translations.


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