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It gives us immense pleasure to introduce our British Tamils Cricket League (BTCL) conducting cricket league matches from 2006 among British Tamils. Since inception in 2005, organisers of BTCL have been duty-bound to ensure its future growth and continuity. They also work very hard to make BTCL’s effective service continue year after year to our British Tamils and the diaspora. As part of our plans to further enhance our structure and to promote sports, we have taken a constructive step to develop a comprehensive and dynamic website. As you are already aware this site can bring you updated league tables and the ability to view fixtures, score cards as well as clubs and divisions based individual performances to a greater extent. It is our responsibility to develop such a sports organisation and leagues set-up where sports and sportsmanship are truly developed and sustained at the same time. We can re-emphasise the need of sports by remembering the famous quote by modern Olympic creed founder Pierre de Coubertin”The most important thing… is not winning but taking part” – a typical expression of the sports sentiment. Such motivational phrases increase the need for leagues as a great opportunity to collectively get everyone to participate as well as promote and exploit the standards of the sports. “Sportsmanship is an attitude that strives for fair play, courtesy towards team mates and opponents, ethical behavior and integrity, and grace in losing”. So the need of sportsmanship for the Tamil diaspora’s younger generation is vital to maintain our future generation as a vibrant community in the 21st century. It has been a long journey to develop BTCL and we have encountered many challenges. However, we are all very much pleased and content with our deep commitment to the organisation, which in turn now delivers a successful service to our community. Currently, more than 1000 young British diaspora players are actively taking part on the fields, on Sundays. We can proudly and undoubtedly note here that our determination and commitment have now further strengthened us to advance our leagues in a more professional and effective way. We wish to thank all our supporters, well wishers and participants.


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