For a truly unique and spectacular design that enhance the sheer beauty of all women, think Casipillai Designer Collections

We are a family run business that takes great pride in bringing you the best of authentic and designer Kanchipuram Silk Sarees in a wide range of our own design and colour combinations

Casipillai Designer Collection was the first brand in UK to start collection of bespoke Kanchipuram sarees and we are proud of having this status.

Our Bespoke Bridal Collection of sarees are traditionally hand loomed by our team of Kanchipuram Saree weavers hailing from the temple town of Kanchipuram, India.

We take pride in our name, reputation, and most importantly, our collection. We are confident in the knowledge of committing ourselves to provide the most beautiful, authentic, and 100% pure Kanchipuram Bridal Saree for our most valuable clients. All our sarees bear the silk mark, which assure you 100% pure silk with an option of half fine Jari and pure Jari.

We attain a close working relationship and a strong bond with our silk manufacturer, handloom weavers and our embroidery team. We do not deal with third party or silk agents.

We only deal with our own manufacture to ensure what we provide for our clients is pure Kanchipuram Silk. We are able to make sure that our products do not fall out of the quality parameter. Our collection of Pure Kanchipuram Sarees always speaks of high quality. It is significant for us to maintain a strong bond with our clients and deliver our products according to our customer needs and requests.

We create our own exclusive designs which are made to meet your expectation ensuring that every saree is as individual as you are. Those designs can only be brought from Casipillai Designer Collection.

Our collection is timeless in their elegance to make every woman, the epitome of style and grace. Casipillai Sarees are designed to be the most memorable and significant Saree, a woman could ever wear in her lifetime.


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