Faces Fachschule für Kosmetik

Faces Fachschule für Kosmetik Die Fachschule für Kosmetik bietet professionelle Aus- und Weiterbildungen in sämtlichen Tätigkeiten des Beauty- Bereiches an. Also Kosmetikfachschule haben wir uns seit mehreren Jahren auf den verschiedenen Tätigkeitesbereichen spezialisiert und dadurch grosse Erfahrungen erworben. So Diese möchten wir Ihnen auf Ihrem Weg in die Schönheitsbranche weitergeben und Ihnen die professionelle Vorbereitung zur selbständigen Ausübung des Berufes ermöglichen. Auch nach Ihrer Ausbildung unterstützen wir Sie bei Ihrem Einstieg in Ihre neue Tätigkeit.


Beauty is no coincidence. Cosmetics preserve, restore, improve and maintain the beauty of the human body. However, cosmetics not only beautify the external appearance of the body, but also increase the well-being and life-feeling of the person.


  • One-year intensive training as a beautician
  • Max. 8 participants
  • Examination in theory and practice, submission of a diploma thesis
  • On successful completion, you will receive an internationally recognized cosmetic diploma with the ability to independently pursue the profession and employment opportunities in the entire cosmetics industry
  • In addition to basic training, many free seminars (product training, company presentations, refresher courses and extension courses on various practice subjects) are offered
  • The content of the course is taught by various instructors specializing in one topic (doctor, beautician, wellness consultant, color and style consultant, hand and pedicure, make-up artist)

Future prospects

As a beautician you work freelance or in a permanent employment. Possible areas of work include self-employment in a private institute. Cooperation with hairdressers, work in cosmetics companies or cosmetics brands in department stores, spa hotels, wellness and health centers, massage practices, cruise ships, drugstores, pharmacies, medical areas such as beauty surgery or dermatology practices , Care after the training is guaranteed by George Triantafillidis and information on our homepage .

Subject areas (theory)

  • Anatomy – structure and function of the human body, physical function of the organs.
  • Dermatology – Anatomical structure and physiology of the skin.
  • Nutrition
  • Cosmetology – job description and goal, workplace design, preparation of treatment plans, theoretical background to the learned practice.
  • Product and equipment science – relevant fundamentals in chemistry and physics for a better understanding of cosmetic applications, raw materials, effects, auxiliaries and fragrances.
  • Hygiene in the workplace and in the treatment, disinfection, sterilization, professional implementation of the hygiene plan.
  • Skin type determination – color theory, type analysis and type recognition.
  • Medical cosmetics – Efflorescences (skin changes) and skin diseases.
  • Application strategies, career entry, supervision after training, placement of valuable industry contacts.
  • Institute start and finances – calculation, financial planning, business creation, tips for self-employed
  • Sales and consulting, accounting.

Subject areas (practice)

  • Professional handling of cosmetic work material
  • Facial and body treatment – Skin analyzes, skin assessment criteria, skin condition, skin cleansing, treatment of various skin types
  • Apply exfoliants, masks, packs and ampoules
  • Special Treatments – Wellness, Cellulite, Acne, Anti Aging, Vitamin Treatment, Hyaluron
  • Face, neck and décolleté massages
  • Arm and hand massages
  • Color eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Eyelash perm
  • Brew shapes
  • Color and style advice
  • Decorative cosmetics – day, evening, bridal and trend make-up
  • Manicure
  • Cosmetic foot care
  • Hair removal with wax
  • Men’s cosmetics

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