Harrow Tamil School Association (HTSA)

Harrow Tamil School (HTSA) has been teaching Tamil language and Fine Arts to Tamil children since 1987. HTSA is unquestionably one of the most sought-after Tamil Schools in London with well over 350 students. HTSA is based at Whitmore High school and provides classes in Tamil language, Bharata Natyam, Flute, Keyboard, Miruthangam, Veena, Violin and Vocal. Classes are run every Saturday from 12:30pm to 4.30pm and are taught by reputable, experienced and high calibre teachers.


About Harrow Tamil School Association (HTSA) – எம்மைப்பற்றி

Harrow Tamil School Association (HTSA) was founded in 1987 by late Mr. Elampoornam. HTSA is a non-political, non-profitable secular, cultural, educational and artistic organization for the Tamils and others who are interested in our culture and tradition. We are an independent association and we would like to proclaim that we have absolutely no allegiance to any particular race, religion, country or political organisation. While Harrow Tamil School Association actively supports and encourages cultural and social integration, concurrently, the HTSA accentuates that our children should understand, learn and preserve our rich heritage and tradition of our Dravidian values, Tamil culture and language. HTSA endeavours hard through its various cultural and social activities to sustain our uniqueness. New admissions of the Association are open to all people living in the United Kingdom regardless of their origins. We are united by the Tamil language, culture and values reaching beyond the boundaries of nationalities and countries. We also welcome anyone with open arms who is interested in Tamil language and culture.

Our Aims and Aspirations

•To promote Dravidian values, Tamil language and culture

•To encourage talents among the Tamil children

•To provide comprehensive teaching at reasonable prices

•To teach our children the rich traditions of our culture through various celebrations and activities

•To teach our young children morals, cohesion, flexibility, communication, respect, family values, importance of education etc.

•To make each and every parent feel part of the School and make them contribute to its continued growth and success

What we offer

• Bharata natyam

Football training

• Hinduism

• Keyboard

• Miruthangam

Netball training

Tamil language classes up to GCE ’0’ Level (Ten classes)

• Veena

• Violin

• Vocal

Yoga for parents

Organisational Structure

The Harrow Tamil School Association is run by Board of Administrators (BOA) and the Board is elected at a Special General Meeting by paid parent members every year. The BOA consists of a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and Six Committee members. The BOA then selects various parents’ representatives to form either a sub-committee or act as individuals to manage various activities and events under their watchful eyes. These individuals are chosen randomly and on rotation so that every parent will be represented in due course and they all feel part of our successful Tamil School.

Our Principal Endeavours

The HTSA organizes various exhilarating events every year for students to showcase their talents as well as Thrirukkural and Tamil speech competitions. HTSA also coordinates Sports Day and Christmas Party every year. These two events are fantastic day and night out for parents and grand-parents are alike. Moreover, these events are very well organized and more importantly the participants are of high calibre and the standard of these programs are second to none. The following ones are our core activities;

•January – Thai Pongal Celebration

•March – Tamil Speech Competition – Different age groups

•April – Tamil Film – School benefit show

•May – Tamil Vizha – Tamil Class children’s performance

•June – Sports Day – Inter-house Competition

•July – Kalai Vizha – Fine Arts children’s performance

•July – School Sea-side Trip

•October – Navarathiri Poojai – Children’s performance

•November – Thirukkural Recitation Competition – Different age groups

•December – Christmas Celebration – Children and Parents participate in Drama, Nativity Play, Bollywood, Disco, Street etc. etc.

Our Ambition

•To become the most sought after Tamil and Fine Arts School, not only in Harrow, but also in the whole of U.K

•To secure steady stream of income through various sponsorships in order to minimise the School fees

•To increase our students numbers to 500

•To produce termly newsletters to inform parents of any decisions, changes and impending activities

•To arrange parents meeting regularly to listen to their opinions, ideas and encourage their participation and contributions

•To orchestrate various workshops for parents and children

•To organize fund raising events every year


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