1.) Daily intensive practice in pranayama and meditation.
2.) Twice a day, daily yoga classes to deepen your own practice.
3.) Participation in various religious highlights like Pujas, Satsang etc.
4.) Get unique yoga experience in our largest yoga center in Pathankot.
5.) Living in a Hinduism community (Swami).
6.) Get to know basic study of Hinduism.
7.) Reiki at all level (Healing).



These poses are used to have steady body and mind, to make the practitioner more energetic and free from disease and make them ready to practice meditation. These are also the most familiar part of Yoga tradition to all in this western world.


These practices utilize control over our breathing and influence the flow of vital life force in the body and is practiced after practicing asana. Here you will get to learn and practice more about the basic pranayamas and kriyas.


Dhyana or meditation is the practice used for calming the mind and body by controlling the mind thoughts, calming the senses and also deep concentration.


Mudras are advance yogic techniques that help in altering mood, attitude and perception by deepening the awareness and concentration towards Yoga. You will get to learn and practice five mudras during the training period with us.


Bandhas are like bodily locks that help redirecting the flow of energy in the body. This involves locking the chin, abdomen, and perennial region of our body. Also these are advanced practices and are best practiced by doing individually under able instruction.

Yoga Philosophy:

For having successful yoga practice, there must be a complete understanding about the ancient yoga philosophies so which is describe in traditional texts based on Bhhagavad gita and Hatha yoga pradipika.

Anatomy and physiology of Hatha Yoga:

It’s important for yoga teachers to understand the movements and ranges of motion of the human body as well as the inner workings of our digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous system. This knowledge will help students understanding the full benefits and also limitations of these practices.

Teaching methodologies:

From the beginning of the course, So you will get to learn how to prepare a good yoga class, how to bring the different parts and sequences in a systematical and logical way together etc.

There are some points that you need to know before joining this training:

1. During this complete training, you are provided with food and accommodation from our side.
2. You will be given reiki treatments for all levels.
3. The participants are responsible for both arrival and departure.
4. Each group under this training will contain minimum 3 to maximum 10 persons.
5. The participants will be provid neat and clean accommodation in ashram with attach bathroom.
6. You have to bring Loose clothing for meditation and yoga session.

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