Established in 1987, Niru quickly grew to become the leading Sri Lankan and South Indian food company in Europe and North America. We’re on a mission to bring the rich flavours, colours, and aromas of South Asian foods to both the established immigrant population, the growing 2nd generation, and anyone whose an enthusiast of this rich cuisine

Today we carry a wide range of products. From affordable brands such as Suryaa to the premium collection of our flagship brand Niru, we guarantee that only the finest ingredients are weaved into every product, adhering to the most stringent quality standards and processes. Be it rice, curry powders, or even our very own tropical beverages.

Our teams are dedicated to finding the best partners, ensuring consistent quality levels and the highest hygienic standards are maintained throughout the production process. And we work tirelessly to continue carrying the largest range of Sri Lankan and South Indian products in the UK and Europe, helping bring this community emotionally closer to their roots.

Pioneering efforts

From the moment we opened our doors, we committed to growing rapidly within the market for Sri Lankan and South Indian centred products, and in a short period, began leading the market.

At Niru, we were first to pioneer the concept of bringing Sri Lankan and South Indian food products to diasporic customers, responding to their emotional needs by bringing their favourite foods directly to them and saving them the hassle of having to find other ways to get a taste of home.

Today, we’re also pioneering the ready-to-eat and heat-and-eat food category, to further respond to the demands of the customers and their lifestyle changes. Our range of all-time favourite foods is expanding constantly with delicious innovations hitting the shelves of Sri Lankan and South Indian retailers in the UK and the Continent all year around.

Supply Chain Management

Through years of experience, our logistics have been perfected to ensure that every product reaches the customer in the best condition, with particular attention being paid to preserving freshness and flavour. With the largest distribution network within our defined market, we can proudly say that we can reach every corner of the UK and Continental Europe.


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