ஒரு தொழில்முறை தகுதிவாய்ந்த முடி மற்றும் ஒப்பனை கலைஞர்களைக் கொண்டது.

Makeup consists of things such as lipstick, eye shadow, and powder which some women put on their faces to make themselves look more attractive or which actors use to change or improve their appearance.

Apothecaries, bodegas, and boutiques. Apothecary, bodega, and boutique may not look very similar, but they are all related both in meaning and in origin. Each of these words can be traced back to a Latin word for “storehouse” (apotheca), and each one refers in English to a retail establishment of some sort.merchandise retailer. Rajarani Boutiques commonly occupy small spaces in enclosed malls or in strip plazas. In contrast, larger retail chain stores have more flexibility in location and have more space in which to sell.

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