If you are looking for a reliable car rental in Bern, Rent Drive Gmph is the place to be. Whether you rent a car, hire a van, rent a van or rent a moving van – we offer the right vehicle for every need and requirement.

Just book your rental car online and benefit from our comprehensive customer service. If you have any questions, we are happy to help.

The car rental from Bern with enthusiasm and passion

To rent a van in Bern, you just have to contact us. The young and dedicated team at Rent Drive is looking for a suitable and individual solution for your transport problem. Whether you rent a van, or rent a moving van, with Rent Drive you will always find a cheap and reliable offer.

Our car rental in Bern has a very broad fleet of vehicles, so that larger or more specific requests can usually be met without a long wait. The service is always high quality and the wishes of the customer are the focus. Rent a van, use it and then easily return it is possible at Rent Drive quickly and easily. The same is of course the case if you want to rent a van, or rent a moving van.

Rent the right car for every need 

If you want to rent a van or a moving van, you do not need any additional insurance with Rent Drive. This is completed by the professionals as part of the rental and is valid as long as the car is used. It is particularly convenient that you have the opportunity to register a second driver and use the vehicle beyond the agreed rental period.

If you want to rent a car, or hire a van, that is safe with our car rental in Bern. You can also use a range of additional services that make it even easier to rent a van. The experts should be told the exact problem at the consultation, because this is how the experienced professionals at Rent Drive can certainly find a suitable and individual solution. There is almost no vehicle that does not exist in Rent Drive’s fleet. If you want to rent a moving van quickly, you will always find what you are looking for when renting a car in Bern.

Rent a car and enjoy full service

Rent Drive’s services go well beyond car rental. If you want to rent a car or rent a van, we will provide you with a comprehensive service. From the insurance, to the cleaning of the vehicle and the correct handling, all things are always clarified in the sense and according to the wishes of the customers.

No matter if you want to rent a van, or if you would rather rent a moving van – with Rent Drive you will always find the right vehicle for your purpose. Reliability and service are the hallmarks of Rent Drive – the friendly and knowledgeable team always makes sure that the customer quickly gets to his desired destination. Even short-term inquiries are possible at any time and can usually be fulfilled immediately. Nevertheless, it is of course recommended to make the request as long as possible so as to safely get the desired vehicle. The Rent Drive team will be happy to assist you at any time and look forward to your inquiry.

Vans, vans and cars for rent in Bern & Switzerland

Rentdrive offers a large fleet of vehicles, ranging from the luxury limousine to passenger buses, delivery vans and moving transporters, which have a large storage space and at a reasonable price.

Cleaning and moving company Bern

Gladly we are in all questions of the move your strong partner and support you with apartment and company removals, cleaning and disposal work, so that you can move completely relaxed and carefree.

Car rental, removal and cleaning company Bern & Switzerland

May we support you? How to contact us as follows:

Rent Drive Neuenegg GmbH
Mühlegässli 18, 3176 Neuenegg / Bern – Switzerland
Telephone Car rental: 031 741 03 49
Telephone Moving: 031 371 09 09

Wir wollen unsere Kunden jederzeit zuverlässig und kompetent bedienen, um den bestmöglichen Service zu bieten. Deshalb ist eine hohe Qualität für unsere Dienstleistungen eines unserer wichtigsten Ziele. Wir freuen uns auf Sie!


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