Solo Movies Solothurn

  • Solo Movies Solothurn take up a very limited number of weddings every year, and are obsesse with creating fun, off-beat and contemporary wedding stories.
  • We only take up one wedding at a time, and in doing so dedicate 100% of ourselves to our brides.  Grooms ensuring that what you get during your wedding is the very best in every way we can.


  • We specialise in a fun, off-beat and candid storytelling style that guarantees timeless wedding memories. Based on global styles of photography and cinematography. So we create stories from weddings that are uniquely recognisable. With a dedicated team of photographers, cinematographers, video editors and photo editors in house. We have everything you’ll need to be able to create stories from your wedding. That are hand-crafted and fully customised to your wedding.
  • We are best known for candid wedding photography, new-age wedding feature films, our signature range of wedding albums as well as for our unique pre-wedding shoots and memorabilia from your big day.

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