The Soriya Asia Restaurant brings you an authentic piece of traditional food culture from Asia to Berne with four flavors: sweet , sour , salty and spicy … We would be delighted if you would like to try all this soon and we can welcome you here in Soriya.

Get the best tasting Sri Lankan foods for all occasions, made fresh daily.

The sharing menu for 2 persons


Original Thai red curry

at your choice

Chicken / beef / veg

Original Thai Red Curry / Chicken / Beef / Vegi


Crunchy duck with orange sauce ce

                Crispy duck, with orange sauce               


Tom kha gai soup / chicken

Tom kha gai soup / Ckicken


Steamed jasmine rice

Steamed jasmine rice

Fr. 48.80

NEW / Hit & Hot 

Soriya Tom Yum noodle soup with shrimps 

Soriya tom yum Noodle soup with shrimp

Pasta of your choice

Noodles of your choice

Glass noodles / udon noodles / rice noodles / egg noodles

Glass noodles / udon noodles / rice noodles / egg noodles

23.50 CHF

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