Swaad Restaurant ; a Hindi word when translated in English means flavour and used to describe the distinctive taste of a food or drink.

From the moment we are born, right through into old age, the food we eat is defined by the flavours we enjoy. It is a lifelong journey of the senses, as tastes and aromas mingle to satisfy one of our most essential needs.

Spices and aromatics

Spices and aromatics are the very heart of Indian cooking. Flowers, leaves, roots, bark, seeds and bulbs (simplest of natural ingredients) are use in endless combinations to produce an infinite variety of flavours: sweet, sharp, hot, sour, spicy and aromatic.

We aim to create blends of spices so subtle that a completely new taste arises – something indefinable.
We may use as many as 15 spices in some of our dishes or there might be only one which would give you the true experience of an Indian cuisine.


Enjoy a full Buffet Lunch with us from Monday-Friday from

11:00 am to 14:00 am

for only CHF 19.50 –

Also available Buffet Take Away

for only CHF 13.50 –

We Cater to your Specific Needs

So we are very pleased that you would like to be pampered in a truly Indian way.

Enjoy authentic specialties prepare mainly from the recipes of the North and Central Indian cuisine. The dishes are mildly seasone.

We can serve up to 300 people on your event, provided that we have at least 1 week time for the organization.

For a quote, please contact us. We’re looking forward to the conversation!

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