We, Visual Business Retail Ltd or VBR, have been trading since Year 2004, supplying industry leading software solution bundled with branded hardware,  quality software and accessories.

Our mission

Our mission is to originate technologies that enhance lifestyles and support individual expression. We create inspirational and innovative solutions that let you be you.

We are committed to amazing, eco-friendly products for a better lifestyle.

Everything we do is about bringing to life new solutions that create a new way of living, thinking and being.

Our values

VBR in line with Sharp is dedicated to two principal ideas:

“Sincerity and Creativity”

By committing ourselves to these ideals, we can derive genuine satisfaction from our work, while making a meaningful contribution to society.

  • Sincerity is a virtue fundamental to humanity … always be sincere.
  • Creativity promotes progress … remain constantly aware of the need to innovate and improve.
  • Harmony brings strength … trust each other and work together.
  • Politeness is a merit … always be courteous and respectful.
  • Courage is the basis of a rewarding life … accept every challenge with a positive attitude.

We have built up our team with Service Management as a practice, with their collective experiences in the industry over 75 Years, following the best practice of ITIL (Information Technology Information Library) towards Customer Service Management and Projects in control environment with well defined process management.

Our customers from all across the industry of hospitality, such as Restaurants, Pubs & bars, Fast Food, Takeaway, Cafe, Hotel Restaurant & Bar and we have the Brand leading hardware and software solution to support our customers and business clients

We proud ourselves by providing Value to the customers with personal touch by facilitating the outcomes customers wants to achieve without the ownership of specific costs and risks.


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