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Wembley Football Club is a semi-professional football team based in Wembley, England.

We are the local non-league club in the Wembley area, boasts a proud history with close connections to the national team, after a significant World Cup back in 1966, where the winning England team trained. Vale Farm being our stadium, we are located on Watford Road, Wembley. The stadium has a capacity of 2,000; with a team that play in red and white, our nickname is “The Lions”.

Post-war times saw a boom in English football, during a period where the locals decided that the national stadiums’ area needed its own football team. The efforts of the locals stay loyal to heart still today, with the club having the motto “A Posse Ad Esse” (“From Possibility To Reality”), also adorned on our crest.

Especially during these unprecedented times for everyone, football can bring people together (socially distanced) and allow us to enjoy football in a safe and welcoming environment. We feel Wembley Football Club is the perfect place for you to enjoy your Saturday afternoon.

We are a club for the community, a club for everyone.


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