Welcome to Yaal Travels!

We are a dedicated travel destination management company in Switzerland. We started off our journey from Switzerland in the first place, but over the years, we have expanded our reach to several places in Switzerland.

Yaal Travels reside in the city of Lausanne in Switzerland where our Head Office is based. So we believe strongly in providing quality services to our clients and uphold our reputation as the best tour operator company in Switzerland.

Why Yaal Travels?

A number of people have chosen us as their number one travel destination management company and you will also choose us for the following reasons

Are one of the top destination management companies in Switzerland.

We are one of the leading travel agents in Switzerland.

Yal Travels are one of the leading tour operators in Switzerland.

Our provide custom-made & specialized Sri Lanka tours to our clients.

Offer a complete Sri Lankan travel package to travelers and also travel agents.

Yaal Travel offer 24/7 customer support to our clients also.

Whats is our specialty?

Special travel management company because we have the following exclusive features.

An extensive network of hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka.

Professional and world-class drivers.

Out-and-out team of professional tour executives with vast knowledge of the travel industry

Prompt customer response.

Free consultation and training service to tourists and also travelers

VIP or personalized services to clients also

Best possible service at a competitive price

What do we serve to our clients?

Yal offer the following services to your respected and valuable clients

Hotel & Transport Reservations.

Tour packaging & Excursions.

Air Tickets & Visa

Tours–Hotels–Transport–Excursions and also

Travel Insurance


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